I AM The Real Jedi

As part of my business I do teach people how to become a real JEDI. This is what my stalker thinks he can do or think because he loves star wars or its cool. However, being a REAL JEDI is not stalking people putting fear in people for a year because one’s life is crap or made poor choices.

BEING A JEDI takes years of practice and able to control what he or she can do.

Being a REAL JEDI takes control in not hurting humans because you have power. However, if one comes push to shove. Then the power can be released in self-defense. This has taken me 10 years to master and I teach others. This is called Magnokinesis the ability to move metal objects.

Jason Burr wishes he can be a JEDI, but he dose not have the heart or spirit to be one. He will never become one. It will take him longer to master because he dose not know how to control his hate and bull shit. A Real Jedi knows when to use his powers against humans, but we have a code that we can not use it against humans unless we are seriously provoked and have no extra means of protection.

When my students join my Classes they agree to these terms. I have the same principles that my old martial arts teacher taught me. I pass the same rules to my students. My life has been in danger for a year now and it will continue if this cyber stalking behavior keeps on.

Luke S. or Jason Burr was never my client nor my Jedi Students.